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IPL Steps

The Consultation

before-ipl-treatmentBefore we perform any treatment, we need to assess your suitability for the treatments. One of our specialist and highly trained therapists ask you to fill out a short form on your arrival. We will then talk through how the treatments work, discuss your individual suitability based on your assessment, your expectations and answer any questions.

Provided it all goes well, we will then perform a patch test. This consists of testing a small area of the skin to check that the skin has no adverse reaction.

Before the first treatment

Provided your patch test was fine, there are a few things you need to bear in mind to achieve the best results. We advise that you do not tan or use any tanning products for at least a month before your treatments. The technology works best on lighter skin and dark hair, so the greater the contrast, the better the results. This also ensures that your skin is kept cool and does not absorb more energy than it has to.

The treatment area needs to be pre-shaven; usually this is 24-48 hours in advance, but we appreciate hair grows at different speeds around the body. The hairs should be 1-2mm long. If you think you’ll make the hair thicker by shaving, you shouldn’t worry; there is varying research on this happening and even if it does, the thicker the hair – the better the treatment will work. Please ensure you follow the preparation advice and aftercare.

During treatment

ipl-during-treatmentsYou will be invited in and asked to disrobe for the treatment (if required). You must inform us of changes to any medication or any hair & skin condition.

The therapist will check the area is clean, prepared and suitable to treat. They will then apply a cooling gel to the skin and give you goggles to wear.

The treatment will then commence and you should feel a short elastic-band-like-flick on the skin. Please see our FAQs for more information.


After treatment

ipl-aftercareIPL has little or no recovery time, therefore you could have the session before a supermarket run, on your work lunch break or on your way home from book club.

You might want to apply a cooling lotion such as Aloe Vera to the skin for maximum comfort.

You should always follow all the requirements on the aftercare sheet (a copy is in our Powder Room).


If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us or ask your therapist.

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