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Welcome to Dermo Skin - Modern Skin Therapy

dermo-skin-woman-iplAs modern, confident women, we want to take care of our appearance. This not only makes us look good, but also feel amazing. When the light inside us burns bright, our bodies shine with confidence. We radiate strength, passion and vitality and are ultimately happy with ourselves.

Taking care of yourself is one of the easiest things you can do; be it tending to your hair, nails, skin or staying in shape. Here at Dermo Skin we help you get there and keep you there.

What We Do

We provide easy, convenient and affordable hair and skin treatments using only the very best and advanced technology. Our IPL services are medical grade; both European CE marked and FDA approved. We look after your skin and consider safety paramount. We also help you achieve your results to have fabulous skin!

We have a number of highly trained clinicians who will answer all your questions and make your treatments effortless.

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Laser and IPL is a unique and high-end technology which utilises light-energy to treat unwanted hair on the body. The technology is relatively pain-free and is clinically shown to be very effective for permanent results.

Both laser and IPL targets pigment in hair using light-energy. The follicle is taken to a temperature where it becomes incapable of growing new hairs, but the machine dynamically keeps cooling your skin. Active hairs are treated, and since 20-90% of hairs are in this phase at any one time, multiple treatments are required to treat the area. We explain the whole process and answer all your questions during our consultations.


Prices start from only £20. We also give free Consultations and free patch tests.

Start looking fabulous - book an appointment today!

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